Thursday, July 1, 2010

Someone Explain to Me What the %@$& I Was Doing During Most of the 2000s

Fuckin' strangle these fuckin' vines!

Well, we had our first step study meeting Wednesday. During the meeting one of the participants described her money situation over the past couple years since she had been drinking out of control. Sounded just like mine.

I'm like WTF, I did the same stuff, I've done the same stuff, and I'm freaking sober. I never drank and I never took illicit drugs. (I was on antidepressants--that makes me go HMMMM...)

What the Hell?!?

It's like I was living on two planets--the competent ER RN who loved her job (and I did too) and the person who could not maintain the simple tasks of the household.

Crazy, just freaking crazy.

And, as she related, cleaning up the MESS that has come about because of all this, well, it's the PITS of the PITS

My backyard is such a picture of all this, soon I'll put together a post on the saga of the backyard. One picture with this post will do for now.

ME verses the MESS!

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