Saturday, July 3, 2010

List Yourself

1. Times I have been knocked in the head that I can remember.

Note: I have never lost consciousness, or even had signs and symptoms of a concussion. I was just thinking in light of the Chris Henry deal. Maybe I'm goofy because my brain is damaged? Not an inspiring thought!

  1. January 1994: MVC. (The world's stupidest MVC I might add.)
  2. Sometime in the very early 1960s: Fell out of my crib. (Have a scar over one eye to prove it)
  3. Surgery in 1982. Not strictly trauma, but not the same brain afterwards.
2. Losses since 2000
  • Job--March 2001
  • Car--August 2001 (idiot looking at his pager instead of the road!)
  • September 11, 2001 (Nuff said)
  • Job--October 2001. On my birthday, the insensitive turds.
  • Nov 2001--stabbed in back by TJ
  • Cat--2003
  • Father--March 2004
  • Cats--4, within a just a few years (2005-2008) of each other. Not quite sure who when any more. The S-ness first and the Be last.
  • DNRs--2003, 2008 (found out), 2003 (the MMC fiasco--policy, not my bad), 2004,(HMW/HCA--again, policy, not my bad), 2008 (VA , ouch, my bad).

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