Friday, July 16, 2010


One of my best friends, her mom is terminally ill with lung cancer. She wrote an e-mail to let her distant friends (she moved from KC a few years ago) to let us know that the end is near for her mom's time on this earth. Let me share with you this bit of the e-mail.

Mom was diagnosed with lung cancer just before Memorial Day. It is very comforting to know that she is ready to go and indeed was quite excited by it. She said that the Lord could take her any time and in any way that He chose.

Her mom is 91 and has been a Christian for most of those 91 years. It is such a blessing that this lady, who had 7 children, and oodles of grand children and great grand children, who could be trying to cling to life, feels such peace that she is able to release the attachments to this life and look forward eagerly to the next life.

It will be harder for my friend and her brothers and sisters because they will be left behind, and will be missing her. If you are reading, please pray for my friend and her family. I do appreciate it. God knows who you are talking about, even though you do not have specific names.

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