Friday, July 22, 2011

Worship Leaders Conference

It's been a long time since I've been to a conference geared to ministers.

It was a complete blast to go to the worship leaders conference and really decide to be there, like in the morning, before the workshops and basically be there all day.

A privilege. Everyone kept saying I was a great volunteer, but the bits of service I gave seemed paltry in comparison to what I received.

Sign me up for next year. Of course, this will also be the hottest weather week in Kansas City. There's grass in between the buildings that is done for the year....

Oh, and I found a pair of drum sticks. They are in the car. The steering wheel makes a nice thump when you hit it with a drum stick.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Still Procrastinating

Still haven't email back--might not happen tonight either as the key board driver is really acting up in the heat.

You dont know ow many h's you use until tey stop workin...

Monday, July 11, 2011

E Mail From Mom

So mom sends an email:
What's new? Have not heard from you in months. Want to visit? Got a job? What are you up to? How are the cats? Do you hear from Kathie? Mom
Most would find this pretty innocent stuff, friendly inquiry, how ya doing.
I just hear the echo of my own inadequacy and failure--I hear having to justify myself to her, I hear her judgment, I hear her condemning me as incompetent.

I feel absolutely nuts about this. She is not a soft place to land and I know that, but am I just reading way too much in this?

But I know that I fall short of her expectations. (Hell, I fall short of my own expectations!) I am scared of her judgment--I don't feel supported but condemned when she asks about jobs etc.

I don't know how to respond to the email. Help.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Simplicity, Part 1 at least

I was wandering around the blogosphere, just clicking links from Observer and from TKC and clicking more links and you know, wasting time on the internet. (Some play games, I read stuff and look at pictures. Shrug.)

All this is to say I came across some links talking about taking up living simply and without such a dependence on material goods coming in. I have been confronting exactly how much stuff I have and how much is duplicated and I could live with less. I mean really, if you have water to wash with, you only need one of everything appropriate to the climate and occasion. When it gets dirty, you wash it. Two would be nice, because then you could know for sure you will always have one ready, and it would reduce wear and tear to rotate. OK, two of everything.

If we all did this, the economy would be toast. Our economy is built on consuming stuff. We support each other by buying and selling stuff. Our whole economy would have to shift.

Now some believe (and it must be noted that I am "live blogging" here and this is not a forensic argument) that this inevitable as resources dwindle. We will all end up with a greatly lowered standard of living.

What is standard of living? Each has something that they feel is important to standard of living. In most cultures, a single person living in a free standing house alone would be unheard of, riches beyond most people's reach. Yet, just on my street there are two of us.

Standard of living that is essential: Sanitary sewer, clean water, available housing, safe food, adequate personal cover.

Not finished, but finished for now. So what does this have to do with Spiritual Formation you ask? We'll get there I hope!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Flash Back: Whiteheart

I've been listening to some of the old Christian music--found some mix tapes while cleaning. Some things are just as fresh and good as anything today, and some feel dated--musically or to my maturity level. You Tube has many of the tunes in a video setting. I'd forgot about this one until I saw it today.

There are times I feel very unworthy of the flame that has been passed to me by the likes of John Wesley, Phineas Bresee and Fred K. This is when it is good to remember that we are not saved by the works we do but by that in which we put our faith...God and His Son Jesus Christ, who died on the Cross for us.