Thursday, July 8, 2010

On and On

I'm in charge of bringing a song of worship to Step Study next week. What I would really love to do is bring "Arise, My Soul, Arise", with Twila Paris' version, but I can't find it on line, and I have no idea where that CD or tape is. So I've been screening other options, and considering them. I'm being very prayerful and careful about this--it is just a few minutes out of our meeting--but it can be meaningful and help us along.

So here's another candidate, by a group called "Chasen"

Here are the word to the song:

Awake tonight
I’m breathing the air of the night sky
Listening and wanting
An answer to questions You’re wondering
I never thought it ever would be possible
To cross the lines we drew
That govern what we say and do
But no height and no depth could separate us

Some say we need a miracle
Some say there’s no hope at all
But I know that Your love is strong, it goes on and on
and on and on
Rise up when it gets us down
It’ll be the voice in a blaring crowd
Because we know Your love will lead us home
It goes on and on and on and on…

I tried my way
It always ends up being a mistake
But You’re right when You say
That You set the time for the plans You make
I never thought that I could ever learn to let it go
Somehow its better when I follow in the paths You show
So I’m here I’m waiting
Cause I believe


There is no fear of belief
There’s just this cold reality
That wants to take me away from You
There is no doubt in my mind
That in Your perfect time
Your plans and Your ways will unfold.


Your love is, Your love is

Not bad, not bad at all...
whoops, forgot which blog I was writing on...should know better, this is the only blog without serifs! I'll leave it; it's a reminder of humanity, mainly mine.

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