Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Things Are Happening

I meet with Jennifer of COR tomorrow at 1030. Get those utility bills squared up. Hopefully a gas card. I'll take a grocery gift card too.

So DOUG calls. He has WORK. Offered it this coming weekend, but the hours are not good, and Saturday will probably be used up with car shows. Sunday would have extended too far and hit the 1700 worship service, in which I am CART/Medi-call. But he has work Monday and Tuesday. Orientation Friday 0800. Do need my TB test he thinks. (Administrative stuff: not his strength) Now, if this is the temper of the times, it's time for me to get on my horse and start banging the job stuff. Only fly in that ointment: I have not had replies from ANY of my references yet and it's been almost 3 weeks (I think). To forge ahead anyway??

Oh, and the comment section of Blogger is completely fouled up. Those who moderate are finding that freshly moderated comments are not posting. On sites like TKC, comment counts are way off. Even for me, comments are not showing in the count. Can't take it for granted that there are no comments. Dr. Grumpy noted it earlier today--it must be behaving itself for him now, because he pulled the post down.

And how is your day?

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