Friday, July 30, 2010

It Is a Problem

It is a problem that when Christians get together and read the Bible that sometimes there is not agreement on interpretation. This plays itself on the large stage as differences in doctrine such as eternal security, the interpretation of the creation story, views on baptism, women in ministry, the Trinity, and so on. In the small stage, it can simply be disagreement in the Sunday School class between students or with the curriculum. This is one of the things that non-believers and searching people can stumble over when exploring the Christian faith.

With all the oppositing views and differences how do we find the truth? How do we discern that the Holy Spirit is guiding a person as they study? As one person commented in another place, is there truth to be found?

I believe there is truth.

I believe that the Bible is so deep and the Holy Spirit so limitless (after all He is God) that we do not always have the whole thing fully understood the first time, or with just one person.

I believe that we must always approach the Bible with deep humility, since we are so human, finite and sin tainted that sometimes we are not very bright (at the least) to willingly accepting deception and teachings from Satan (at the most).

To put it simply, there is "A Truth" in the Bible, but we don't always get it fully. We actually even argue about who is "righter." We must hold our beliefs in those things not essential to salvation with a loose grip, in a humble and gentle spirit.

It is a difficulty at times, though, that committed, enthusiastic, educated Christians can have differences in biblical interpretation that result in significant theological disagreements.

We have to concede that too, and be humbled by it.

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