Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You Really Want to Start Another One?

Well, this will make four.

Four blogs for four interests.

Our life and times--the news, culture, weather, "how we are"--that's what gets done on "South Kansas City Observer". It's the mother ship, more than willing to take contributions from the subsidiaries.

Sports--"You're Looking Live"--like the subtitle says "Semi-informed rantings about the world of sports."

Photography--Publishing after a fashion for the first time the products of my lifelong love and participation in taking pictures.

And now, a Christian blog. For one, maybe a blog that I don't present so obviously to the world. Yeah, it's on my profile. But I'll lead with SKC Observer first and the two older ones second. This one may be a bit more personal, a bit more about what I heard and felt and said about the Christian faith and my working out my salvation and everything.

And a good place to put videos of awesome worship tunes!

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