Friday, June 25, 2010

My GirlCat, H

H.'s toes are the eighth wonder of the world. I love looking at her big feets. She likes to sit on bags with laundry in them. Even dirty laundry. She's adopted from my vet's office. According to the Vet Tech, she just showed up in someone's back yard one day as a kitten. First time I saw her she was probably 4 months old, very talkative and playful. She's still playful and somewhat talkative. She doesn't like to be held, is a bit fussy about where she steps, but can be a great lap cat and masseuse.

She is sensitive though. She had a set back when Be died. He may have died right in front of her, as they were still in the chase and play stage of things. That made her fearful to leave the bedroom. It took her awhile to reclaim the house, especially the hall way.

H is a great example of the tri color cat--a lot sweet and a little nuts.

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