Friday, June 25, 2010

My LadyCat, P

P was adopted right off the street. She'd had a litter of kittens and they were all adopted by families at the old apartments in Grandview. But she was around a year old and past the cute kitten stage, so no one took her in. I thought it was very sad that she would be left outside to fend for herself, probably to have repeat cycles of pregnancy and birth. So I brought her in, even though that made five. (Pretty sure she came after the sweet boy.) She really bloomed after we moved to the house 10 years ago; more and more of her personality began to emerge. She suffered when our kitty family was so big. As I have lost cats from the original group, her personality has emerged more and more.

Cell phone shot of a yawn. She's lost her right upper fang here. She had diabetes but got over it. She has hyperthyroid now. I sometimes think she's had some cognitive changes lately. I'm pretty sure she's lost some hearing. I worry every day may be her last day. She hates the heat. But she still likes to eat and to try and run outside. She's my Old Girl.

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