Sunday, June 20, 2010

Worship Time is Coming

Internets time goes by sooo fast. It is just about time to pack up and make our way south on Roe to church. It's a CART/Medicall weekend for me too, so I like to get there just a pinch early.

When I look back on the insanity that seemed to take over my life for most of 2007 and 2008, one thing I can't believe is how I fell away from going to worship services. Let's be blunt, the sermons from Pastor Keith were boring me. No matter how much sleep I had, or how hard I tried, I would be yawning and drifting off during his sermons. I would enjoy all of worship to that point and then, a boredom switch would go off with the beginning of the sermon.

The first Sunday I was at COR, I literally started weeping during the singing. It was like standing under a refreshing shower. No, no quite. As a nurse, when would supervise blood transfusions, I would say to the patient: "You are going to feel much better." That's what that first worship service felt like: an infusion of oxygen and energy, like more RBCs to an anemic.

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