Monday, August 23, 2010

Not PC

Islam is a conquering religion. Islam does not tolerate non-muslims very well. Islam conquers at the point of the sword on a regular basis.

Jesus Christ is not very God and very man in Islam.

Christians cannot say that Islam is the same as Christianity--that is foolishness.

We preach Christ crucified and resurrected, an affront and a stumbling block.

Christians can love Muslims, but they cannot forget that Islam is wrong, just like JWs are wrong and Mormons are wrong.

I am so not PC on this. I am not sure I would ever put this on SKC Observer--I would be toast. But I believe it, just as I do believe that Jesus is the only sure way to Heaven. I do believe that God is generous and loving and will try to find a way to have Heaven open to as many as possible, but if you reject Jesus Christ and God you will find yourself on the other side--the bad side.

Yup, not PC.

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