Thursday, August 19, 2010

My s Aren't Workin (Neiter are my s.)

Every so often my computer decides to act oofy Te backspace button, te s te and te apostrope stop workin. It is not consistant, and sometimes it will fix itself, or fix wit a few tender pats on te bottom of te macine. Its really bad tonit and even after a reboot is still oin on. I decided to write a oofy post on SF to demonstrate wat a pain in te ass tis is.

I was ponderin a post on Obamas fait status, as tis as been a ot topic on talk radio all day, and I mit do it if I can stand tis wit te h's and the g's. (I can et tem if I old te key, ten release, ten pus aain. Argh!!!!)

1 comment:

  1. It was at it again today. So to Google for help. and Google came through with the revelation of the onscreen keyboard, which I am using even now. While using it, my regular keyboard started working--yay! What a pain!