Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ithiel Falls Camp

OK, this is getting ridiculous. Ithiel Falls has a freaking Facebook page! But it's good to see the old place still going, the big meeting house still basically the same, most of the buildings still the same (from the photos) and one of the oldest, if not the oldest church "Camp Meetings" still going on. I made my total commitment to Christ in this place (yeah, that "entire sanctification" thing.) and had some wonderful times. There was one summer I got to spend overnight time at the camp--it was awesome to have the daytime, with the kids, and also not to feel the pressure to go home--and the bother of the drive--but just to soak in the atmosphere. Great memories, and times that I touch back to, to remind myself of what the Lord has done.

Photo is from that Facebook page.

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