Sunday, August 1, 2010

Is This Even Possible?

This is the daughter of the pastor of the church I got saved in, and her husband and their kids. I found this by accident while looking for images of Nazarene General Assembly. He is a pastor of a Nazarene church and has a blog Looking at this picture, I am totally, "NO WAY!" but I know this to be very possible, as she was just in high school when I started to the church. (I think that's right--if not, just very first college years...)

I remember when Kevin preached his first sermon--he's very fair, and his ears and the nape of his neck turned bright red. He would be embarrassed at that memory maybe! He is very bright and you could tell he would make a good pastor. No one was surprised that he felt God calling him to ministry. He and his family did come out here to KC for about a month or two back about '93 or '94, before moving back east, feeling that this was not where they were to be.

The internet is just full of surprises!!!!

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