Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nice, But Not the Same (Especially on Communion Sunday)

I just missed church for the first time since I started going to COR. Sucks to make a living at a job that needs help seven days a week. (Last time that will happen, Lord willing. And leave my freaking Wednesday evenings alone too!) Well, I did attend online, via the webcast.

Unfortunately I missed all the music, my favorite part of worship. And the video kept pausing. (At least the audio flowed well after the first minute.)

Definitely not as good as being there.

It did dawn on me that sometimes I can go to church and not be greeted or spoken to by anyone who is not obligated to speak to me, and so sitting in a coffee shop surrounded by strangers was not all that different than sitting in a church sanctuary surrounded by strangers...

I did miss the whole visual, and auditory experience. And I definitely missed the bread and the cup.

Missing church sucks.

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