Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Weather Woes

Last year, it thundered and rained during the 1800 and 2000 contemporary Christmas Eve eve services, and then we got 10 inches or so of snow on Christmas Eve.

Well, after a very quiet and dry late fall, the weather has set up to give us a storm coming in for Christmas Eve and the day before. (If Murphy wasn't in health care, he/she may have been clergy.) It is still too far out to be sure about timing and precipitation types, but a little somethin' somethin' will be here on Thursday.

Or it could be nothing.

We all know that forecasting snow in the Midwest is hard--remember the 4 inches of partly cloudy that one year? Right now, the schedule is SS Chat 'n' Chew Wednesday evening, CR Dinner followed by 2000 Christmas Eve eve service, and 2300 Christmas Eve service.

Fingers crossed here peeps, not just for my own travel, but the giving that is represented by these services. A lot of good is done with the money the church receives at offering during the bazillion pre-Christmas services.

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