Sunday, December 5, 2010

Great Question!

Pastor Hamilton asked this terrific question on Facebook tonight!
  • I've got a meeting tomorrow with a group of denominational leaders on the the essentials of effective pastoral leadership. I'd love your input: What are the five most important qualities of pastoral leaders that create or lead vibrant, alive churches?

    I was thinking back to Fred and Burlington-Williston. What did he do that made that church grow like it did? And he reproduced it in Weymouth. He wasn't heavily educated. He wasn't a great speaker/preacher. However, God used him mightily to grow the church. He was the person I had in my mind when I responded to the question myself.
    What a great question! The things I thought of are integrity, humility, ability to build community within the church and relate to the community outside the church, and the belief that God can really make a difference and change lives.
    28 minutes ago ·
    That was my snap answer--I might think on it some more. To rephrase the question just a little bit--what characteristics of a person enable the Holy Spirit to use that person to build His church?

    Remembering that it is God who builds His church!

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