Friday, December 10, 2010

Not Everything Is Beneficial

On Wednesday night I got in a conversation with Victor that ended up disturbing me greatly. He has been reading books by athiests like Dawkins et. al. You know the famous ones. He has been extolling how much he learned from these guys, these great scientists and philosophers who don't think there is a god.

A great deal of what is contained in these books is critique of the church. Now, Lord knows we can use critique! But to judge God based on the actions of His very much less than perfect followers--I don't care for that. I often don't know why God put so much in our finite, sin stained hands, but He did. Please look at God--honestly without a chip on the shoulder. If you want to say there is no god due to problems with the suffering of innocents or you just can't see how the science and faith work together, I can respect that. But don't dismiss God because Billy Graham said some things about racial issues that you don't like.

Victor keeps saying he's glad he's read these authors--that he has learned a lot. For me, it seems to be the equivalent of taking a revolver with a bullet in it and pointing it at your head--Russian Roulette--you don't know what chamber has the bullet in it. I guess by dint of my education and my reading, I am familiar with many of the objections to faith and I don't feel like I need further exposure. Not because I am sticking my head in the sand--I hear all the objections on a regular basis like any Christian. We will hear more and more of them as we get more post Christian, more secular and more post modern.

I believe that, while there may be a number of atheist people who honestly came to their conclusion 100% intellectually--many are just not willing to give up that control--it's a Lordship thing. Being saved is cool, but when God wants everything--well, that's not cool.

I think more and more we are going to find that many people will come to God with the realization that they are not the center of the universe and their lives are spinning out of control. It's the first step: Realize I am not God and my life is out of control. It's a big time slice of humble pie for humanity to take, and some are not ready to take it--and may never be.

For me, I'll admit it, I am taking time off from the McD's on Minor and Holmes--the words of Paul in my ears--not everything is beneficial (1 Corinthians 10). I was troubled all that late evening after returning home--found myself reciting Bible verses, praying a lot and remembering song and hymn lyrics to calm my heart and mind.

Faith is the evidence of things not seen...or even fully understood at times.

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