Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Did It!

Well, now I am a member of the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection. I decided to join for several reasons
1. That little tiny bit more of accountability.
2. Opens up the congregational care position
3. An expression of gratitude for how the church has helped me in so many ways in the 16 months I have been attending.

I do feel bad that I have not yet notified Pastor Eric. No doubt if he has looked at things on Facebook, he knows I have been attending COR regularly. I am downloading Open Office so I can write a letter without all the format issues for printing at the library (since it's compatible with Word) and I will send him a note, hopefully before the membership release request gets to him. I might write the first draft here since it is going to take a hour to download Open Office.

I haven't announced it on FB since I don't really want Pastor Eric to find out that way. After the letter is written and on its way, I'll mention it.

It still is a little scary leaving the Church of the Nazarene--like leaving your childhood church. In a way it was my childhood church. And I could return--especially if I move some where where all the UM Churches are either way dead or way out theologically. But right now, this appears to be God's will for me.

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