Thursday, February 17, 2011

Foreign Policy Debate

I was deeply troubled by another encounter with Victor--this time over foreign policy.

This world is so big and complicated, I don't know how those who really can influence the situations therein can make the decisions they make.

I got upset with him because all he wanted to do was list out what America had done wrong all these years. When I called him on it, he took it as a personal attack.

He backed off after I refused to press him--revealing that he questioned the DeVry prof who had introduced him to the concepts he was sharing with me the same way: "Do you hate America?"

He tried to lord it over me that he was from elsewhere and had traveled and "knew Muslims".

I did not deal perfectly with him--I got profane and loud--but I think in the end, we agree more than disagree.

I think that the world over the next 50 years is not going to have an empire or a dominant power as it has had so many times over the years.

I also think that until nations and peoples loose their grip on the past--holding onto past wrongs both large and small, that really good problem solving will never happen. It drags in crap that does not help with the current problem at hand.

I'll take some time away from the McD's at Holmes and Minor, then figure out what to do with my relationship with Victor.

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