Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Few Random Thoughts on a Sunday...

Jeremiah was given an almost impossible task: prophesy about disaster. Like Pastor Adam said, he probably went home and had nightmares, if he could sleep at all.

What a visual! The pastor had good water and drainage water today to illustrate the difference between living water and cistern water. In addition, the cups he poured the water in--the one the drainage water went into had holes in it. So when all was said and done, when he had the two cups one was almost full of clear clean water and one had about an inch of nasty melted snow water from the parking lot. (I think I need a still from the video!)

Yes, we can make idols of good things like the church itself, or of the preacher! Bold to say that from the pulpit of a 18,000 member megachurch that you founded.

Made me think of College Church, which survived the loss of Paul Cunningham. It's not the same church as when he was pastor, but it's still there and still proclaiming that Jesus Christ changes lives.

Shared the College Church of the Nazarene Wind Rule with someone. They concurred. Could change the name I suppose, but it was Pastor Richard Neiderhiser who imparted this priceless bit of wisdom to me while we walked to College Church for the very first Kansas City District event that I went to after moving here. That makes it important to remember where it came from.

The Rule: "It is always windy here, no matter what it's like at home. Plan accordingly."

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