Tuesday, January 18, 2011


MGE came and pulled the gas meter sometime yesterday, I think.

This shouldn't bother me, as I haven't had gas service for some time--almost two years--and all my gas appliances are crap. At least two of them will need to be replaced, and probably all three before the gas can be turned back on.

My hot water heater is shot and doesn't work.

My stove leaks gas--I noticed a decrease in headaches and weird feelings as soon as the gas was shut off that spring.

My furnace is a piece of crap. It does run, but is over 20 years old and doesn't ignite properly or correlate with the thermostat so it is ridiculously inefficient and doesn't get the house warm while burning prodigious and expensive amounts of gas.

That's why there is a bill that will have to be paid too, which is probably why they fetched the meter.

Even with all that, it bothers me that the meter was pulled. It makes the house look abandoned. I'll have to be sure to keep working on my clean ups, to keep codes from sniffing around.

There's a lot of broke stuff around here--including my wallet!

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