Monday, November 1, 2010

Using Liturgical Color

I was depinking all of my blogs when it occurred to me that we could have the background and colors of this simple design reflect the colors of the church year. Thus we have the change from blue to the green of "ordinary time." Green is the color used for the majority of the church year, between the great anticipations and celebrations of Advent/Lent and Christmas/Easter and the celebration of the Holy Spirit's coming. Let's see if I manage to remember to change things up in a timely manner!

I have to tip my hat in thanks to John and Ev for making me conscious and aware of the colors of the church calender and how meaningful they can be. It adds to my worship experience to see the sanctuary decorations change over the course of the year.

And now that I am a "Metho-rene"--the garb of the preacher and acolytes!

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