Monday, November 15, 2010

Hanging Out in Mediocre Ville

My life is not very compelling right now.

In fact, I have had trouble keeping my eyes from looking at stuff my eyes should not look at, just for stimulation and titillation. Anything that looks like a lot of work and commitment is not getting my attention like it should.

Just kind of wandering around, sometimes in circles.

I think I need to be very careful about what I look at right now, that it edify me and build me up. I also need more fellowship around the Word of God. It really is starting to look like a bit of a mistake not to sign up for that Sunday night disciple class, cause I absolutely loathe going home after church by myself. I am thinking about going Saturday night instead, as a couple of Thursday peeps go then regularly. That way I'll get the interaction I need.

Feels like attack from the Evil One--something I think is happening to our entire step study group.

Well, then, you know what to do.

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