Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You Would Never Know That I Actually Like Being Around People

This really sums it up rather well. Usually I don't copy other people's work wholesale, but this pretty much nails it.

You would never know that I actually like being around people

This here is a blog. It's where I say shit that's on my mind, or link to videos of people popping zits, or tell jokes/stories, or whatever. Blogs have been around longer than the term "Social Media" which is very en vogue right now. I have to say tho, that for me blogging is all about the social, and very little about the media. Media in this case meaning using the technology to reach an audience for a professional reason like marketing or customer support.

I mean I KNOW some of you all do this shit for a living, but it started fro me as a way to keep in touch with people. I am not very good at writing letters/e-mails on impulse, or making calls just to catch up. [Important to say here that The Observer started the first blog became The Observer became sick of hollering at the radio in the car.] And you can see for yourself the long periods where I haven't done jack or shit on here. But STILL I maintain the blog is about me, it's a social exercise and more than a tad narcissistic. [The Observer is not as transparent at all times as this writer as The Observer is conscious of the fact that the internet is so very open, so sometimes the Observer is opaque about some things. Which can make The Observer a little crazy someti

If you tune in here, are my Facebook friend, or follow me on Twitter [it must be noted that The Observer does not Tweet at this point] you would be forgiven for thinking that I blow these social outfits off. The truth is that sometimes I just get chatty, but most of the time I just watch whats goin on with everybody else. I don't like being the center of attention, it makes me jittery. I love when people reach out to talk to me or to do something in the non-virtual world. When somebody says "let's get together" I am always excited, right up till it's about to happen. Then I start getting bummed out about being fat, or broke, or a gimp. I come up with a million reasons I'll have a bad time and try to talk myself out of it. When I go tho, I almost always enjoy myself.

Talking to people, online or in person, doesn't just forge connections and relationships it positively affects my self image. I am still uncomfortable when I am the center of attention (for example a rambling blog, or telling a story to a table of people). I tend to struggle to sound brighter/funnier than I am because I like the positive reinforcement. At the same time I am aware of that struggle and how I might come off as a blabbermouth or just really weird.

I just wanted all of you all to know that I appreciate the connections I have made with you, I just don't always express it. If I don't say anything to you in a while, rest assured it's NOT because I want to ignore anybody. I just suck at this social stuff sometimes. And as for the media, well I hate to be marketed at (tho I cut my SocMed practicing friends some slack).

OK kids, that's it I'm out!

Here is the link to the entry, which is in a journal type blog, some of the rest of which is kind of interesting also. I have interjected a few notes where our situations are different, but they really don't make a big difference in the impact of this entry.

Which brings me to one important thing: I really connected with a blogger called Ann T Hathaway and she hasn't blogged in at least three weeks. Not just that, she hasn't moderated her comments or responded to an email. First, selfishly, I really miss her writing! I miss her comments! She made me feel good, like the blogger above posted. She is very educated with a lot of different experiences and writes very well. But second, as the time has passed, I am getting really worried about her. Did she get injured riding her bike around Washington DC? Is she ill? The longer it goes without even a moderated comment on the blog, the more I worry. I probably shouldn't, since she's grown (around my age), but I do! Come back Ann T, even if it just to say "Good bye!"

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