Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fifty...Fifty. Fifty! WTF?!?

Soon to be fifty--5 0
Good jumpin' God.

I got history. I mean I got personal history. I got history in the world. I have seen some shit.

MLK, RFK killed
Riots in the streets.
Vietnam moratorium. Controversy over wearing arm bands at Heaven Rest Day School. Remember that?
Prez Ford to NYC: Drop Dead
Odd and even gas rationing
Computers the size of rooms that didn't have half the computing power of this 2 year old laptop.
Cable TV because you didn't get any reception with rabbit ears. First invented for places like New York City.
Otherwise three channels and a prayer.
77 WABC in New York played music.
A prize to anyone who remembers who John Anderson was.
John Lennon killed
Prez Reagan assassination attempt.

I was just looking over J's friends after I sent her a FB friend request. OMG. Pastor B's boy--all grown up. That's number 2. Gerhard without any hair. All my friends keep getting older. OMG. Wow.

More history
Challenger exploding
9/11 attacks
Black Hawk Down
Columbia lost over Texas
In my life time, presidents--Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, GHWBush, Clinton, GWBush, Obama.
Chrysler bailed out and recovered, and then needing bailing out again.

From LP vinyl to 8 tracks to cassettes to CDs to downloads and YouTube...
Betamax--still have some.
Film to video tape to DVD to Blu-Ray and Blu-Ray's replacement is already on the horizon...

I have been very conscious of there being probably more life behind me than in front of me. I've been acutely aware of my mortality. I pray I live longer than mom, who got a full dose of long lived genes--both her dad and her mom's family live a long time. I only got the long lived genes from her--I don't trust my dad's genome at all.

If she lives to be 92, I'll be 70 that year. That would be 2030.

For now, let's leave it there. Only 48 days until my 50th birthday.

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