Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lost and Loss

Lower Manhattan, 1972 or 1973, either spring or fall, cloudy windy day--that is why there is hardly any contrast--it would have had to have been conjured up in the dark room. From the ferry out to the island in New York harbor where the Statue of Liberty stands.

I was a New Yorker, born a New Yorker, might still be a New Yorker, and at bottom I have to say that they did attack my city--I don't think it would have as deep a resonance if it was LA. I watched these towers go up, and the terrorists mugged them in front of the whole world.

It certainly didn't help that my personal world would go all to hell in about 50 days after this event...

So much loss from 2000 to 2008, so much hurt, so much stress, so hard in so many ways...

Have I processed it all? Not sure. Have I taken care of all the sequelae? Not by a long shot.

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