Friday, April 8, 2011

So, Yeah, Frustrated Today

A late start coupled with running around in useless circles has me frustrated today. Trying to say, "Done!" about something but I don't know if that's going to happen.

I was supposed to go to Maxim and do a wellness orientation but I forgot--oops. I guess I need to call and resched but both my nursing licenses are up in the air, plus I might need a doc's statement and I'm thinking it would be better just to start from scratch--a lot of ambivalence when that guy called out of the blue the other day due to the state of my licenses. The states don't make it easier to renew--if you have a problem you can't use on line but Missouri doesn't bother to tell you that. Without the problem they'd have my $100 in their clutches and I'd be renewed on line. So I have to wait for the form and kick it back right away. Meantime I'm doing Kansas's stuff and they want this that and the other plus mo money to reinstate me. It was such bullcrap to revoke a license with NO practice or substance abuse issues and 60 CEUs done since August 2008--stupid stuff.

So anyway, I have to write an "explanatory letter" (for Kansas discipline, right?) to the State of Kansas. Might as well practice, as the state of Missouri will want one too...


Personal prop is paid on car, but I have to do safety inspection. Also, need to pay insurance but can't remember for the life of me my user name for Gieco.

Not a very good day. Feel like I'm chasing my tail.

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